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Elijah Pies – Gorgeous tartlets that taste as good as they look

Elijah Pies – Gorgeous tartlets that taste as good as they look

Elijah Pies – Gorgeous tartlets that taste as good as they look


Elijah Pies

Now in its seventh year of business, Elijah Pies was incepted when its namesake founder baked his first Nutella pie. The latter remains a firm favourite at this online business, which sells minis alongside its classic pies. 

The mini pies sell out fast, and flavours rotate regularly — so check its Instagram page for the latest.

Unbelievably, and despite its sizable following on Instagram, I’d never heard of Elijah Pies until recently. My order of mini pies arrives an hour after the provided delivery window of noon to 7pm. It’s nicely packed: a sturdy paper bag in Elijah Pies’ signature colours, and nine mini tarts sitting pretty within a box.

These 2cm by 3cm morsels should rightfully be savoured, except they’re all too easily polished off in two bites, tops.

The earl grey rose pie is a beauty unto itself, all piped miniature cream roses in a delicate shortcrust shell that’s sturdy with a slight flakiness.

The earl grey mousse is dense but smooth, with a consistency that’s reminiscent of foie gras. I can’t decide if that’s a good thing. Its flavour is so delicate, then, that it ends up being overpowered by the floral notes of the roses atop.

The yuzu meringue pie is far more well-balanced in this respect, though the meringue more closely resembles the texture of pillowy, torched marshmallows. That isn’t at all a problem, though. The curd is smooth with a just-right touch of yuzu, and leaves subtle citrusy notes on the tongue.

elijah pies
The final flavour in the box — wild berry lavender pie — reminds me very much of a Ribena-infused dessert for grown-ups.

Its swirled body is smooth and light with what I reckon are blackcurrants. Concealed beneath is a lavender mousse that, though fragrant, again lacks in the tart flavours of fresh berries.

I’ve never been a fan of refined tarts (coarse, homemade apple pies are my jam), but it seems Elijah Pies isn’t just good at crafting pretty bakes. Its pastry shells are quite something altogether — and for that reason, they might have just earned a returning customer.


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