Wunderfolks – Pretty tartlets that deliver in looks and taste

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Wunderfolks – Pretty tartlets that deliver in looks and taste



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Offering a vibrant pop of colour, Wunderfolks’ tarts sure do paint a pretty picture. Offering “wunderful tarts and cakes you never knew you needed”, Wunderfolks is started up by a young pair that aims to shower people with happiness through their bakes. 

Have the best of all worlds with the exquisite tart platter, which contains three of each of their three best-sellers. 

 lemony meringue tart

First up is the lemony meringue tart, consisting of an eye-catching lemon curd filling topped with lightly torched meringue. The lemon curd, while tangy, proves to be a little too sour for my taste. Thankfully, some of the sourness is neutralised by the meringue, which isn’t too sweet and has a nice texture that melts in the mouth. This all sits in a pâte sablée crust, which has a firm cookie-like texture.

Valrhona dark chocolate tart

The Valrhona dark chocolate tart is a treat for chocolate lovers; dig into a smooth dark chocolate ganache that’s made from the finest Valrhona guanaja and callebaut N° 811 ganache. It’s covered with a decadent chocolate glaze and dotted with glimmering gold specks, giving it a mouth-wateringly reflective sheen. The chocolate isn’t too rich; with the glaze helping to balance out the bitterness of the dark chocolate. I like that the chocolate crust isn’t too thick either!

fruitilicious fruit tart

Lastly, the fruitilicious fruit tart comprises a mix of fruits – think: strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and peaches – nestled atop a layer of vanilla custard. The fruits are juicy and fresh, with a nice bite to them. The custard is smooth and silky, without being too sweet as well.

The buttery pastry isn’t too thick, with a crumbly texture. The mixed fruit glaze brushed on top ties the tart together; this is probably my favourite of the lot! 


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